Latte Tutorials

How to create Shorts/Reels/TikToks

Learn how Latte automatically: extracts viral clips from your long form content, crops them for vertical formats, and automatically adds subtitles from 8 different styles you can choose from.

Custom clip creation

Learn how to create exactly the clips you want. Choose a custom duration, a custom aspect ratio, and optionally add subtitles.

How to crop a video

An quick guide on how Latte's AI can crop your videos, ensuring they're always the right fit for where you want to share them. We have 6 different crop styles to choose from.

How to crop and subtitle a video at the same time

Speed up your process. Learn the shortcut for how to crop and add subtitles to your video simultaneously. This feature is different to the Get Shorts feature in that it doesn't extract clips from the video - it crops and adds subtitles to the entire input video.

Full platform tutorial

A complete walkthrough. Get familiar with all of Latte's capabilities and workflow.

How to create Subway Surfers gameplay videos

How to create viral Subway Surfers style content, automatically. Use an existing video as the script for the video, write your own script, or simply type a prompt and we'll create a script.

How to add subtitles

Learn how Latte platform automatically adds trending subtitle styles to your videos, helping you maximize your engagement

How to edit and adjust the videos Latte creates

Discover how to fine-tune the videos created by the platform. Trim the duration of your videos, or edit the subtitle text to correct typos.

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